March 31, 2021

Russell Westbrook Claps Back at Stephen A. Smith: 'I Was a Champion Once I Made it to the NBA'

Russell Westbrook is no stranger to the haters.

And ESPN's Stephen A. Smith is the latest high-profile media member to criticize the Washington Wizards guard.  

Following Westbrook's latest triple-double, where he recorded the first 35-10-20 game in NBA history, Smith said Westbrook's stat-stuffing means "absolutely nothing." 

Of course, Westbrook doesn't back down from anyone — including ESPN's highest-paid personality. 

Smith is leaning into a rings narrative that has poisoned NBA discourse, claiming that unless a player wins an NBA championship, all of his stats and accomplishments are meaningless.

"One thing I won't allow to happen anymore is to let people create narratives ... for no reason about me," Westbrook said after the game.

Despite the Wizards' losing record, Westbrook has averaged 26.1 points, 11.7 rebounds and 12.5 assists over his past 10 games.

It appears Kevin Durant isn't the only former Thunder player who has time to respond to his haters. 

Photo: Getty Images