April 16, 2021
BY Lance Cartelli

Dwyane Wade Buys Ownership Stake in Utah Jazz

Dwyane Wade has gone from NBA legend to NBA owner. 

The three-time NBA champion has purchased an ownership stake in the Utah Jazz with his sights set on taking a hands-on role with the franchise.

"This goes way beyond the dream I had to just play basketball in the NBA," Wade said to ESPN. "I've seen Shaq do it in Sacramento. I've seen Grant Hill do it in Atlanta. I've seen Jordan do it in Charlotte. ... I bring a lot to this partnership outside of just my basketball knowledge and skills."

Wade is just the latest player-turned-owner in the NBA, joining Michael Jordan (Hornets), Shaquille O'Neal (Kings) and Grant Hill (Hawks). 

It's unclear whether Wade tried to buy an ownership stake in Miami Heat, the team he won multiple NBA titles with. 

Heat owner Mickey Arison expressed his disappointment while congratulating Wade on Twitter. 

Wade played 15 seasons in Miami, earning NBA Finals MVP in 2006. 

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Photo: Getty Images