Xavier Henry

Height / Weight
6' 6" / 220 lbs
Shooting Guard
United States
University of Kansas
NBA 2010 mock draft
Draft Type Round Pick Team
Projection 1 12

· Outstanding athlete – very fluid movements
· Able to take defenders off the dribble
· Good free throw shooter
· Decent ball-handler and passer
· Explosive in transition
· Quick first step


· Doesn’t move well without the ball
· Shies away from contact
· Inconsistent jump shot
· Takes wide paths around screens
· Needs to make better decisions when penetrating
· Shot selection needs work


· Quick feet and quick hands
· Closes out strong on shooters

· Shows little effort playing defense
· Often off-balance when guarding out on the perimeter
· Needs to work harder getting rebounds


Henry has shown flashes of great potential during his Freshman season, but he has also had many frustrating moments. Luckily, many of the issues he has had are usually fixed by experience. On offense, Henry has shown the ability to get to the hoop and finish strong, but his inconsistent jumper makes it easier for defenders to sag off of him. This has led to Henry trying to force the action against a defense sitting back and waiting for him. He shows a good stroke from the outside, but he doesn’t always get himself in good position to shoot a quality shot. Defensively, Henry needs to work harder establishing his defensive position. He is often caught off-balance and doesn’t get great position to rebound the ball. Overall, Henry’s athletic ability still makes him one of the top prospects in college basketball right now and he should only get better over time.

- Ed Isaacson