Evan Turner

Height / Weight
6' 7" / 210 lbs
Point Guard
United States
Ohio State University
NBA 2010 mock draft
Draft Type Round Pick Team
Projection 1 2

• Good court vision
• Great size/speed combination
• Excellent ball-handler
• Can create shots one-on-one or off a screen
• Anticipates offensive rebounds well
• Very patient – does not force plays
• Excellent control in transition
• Creates plenty of mismatches


• Perimeter shooting
• Bothered by smaller, quicker defenders
• Needs to attack the basket more and finish strong
• Still learning how to be a point guard – can be indecisive when he should be a distributor vs. scorer


• Can guard 4 positions
• Excellent rebounder
• Closes out on shooters well

• Has trouble staying in front of smaller guards
• Tends to reach instead of moving feet


Turner had the potential to be a very good NBA player as a shooting guard or small forward. This season he has adjusted well to playing the point position, enough that he has become intriguing as a “point forward” possibility. On offense, he shows very good control of his team’s offense and has the ability to create shots for himself or his teammates. If he has one nagging weakness, it is inconsistent outside shooting. Defensively, Turner is still improving, and has shown the ability to guard much smaller and much larger players. He has shown excellent rebounding ability, even when playing defense away from the basket. He is a good leader and has the skills already to play right away in the NBA.

- Ed Isaacson