Aleksandar Vezenkov

Height / Weight
6' 7" / 200 lbs
Small Forward
NBA 2017 mock draft
NBA 2015 mock draft
Draft Type Round Pick Team
Projected to be undrafted.
Version 1 2 37
Player ranking
Year Rank
2017 56
2015 42
Strengths: Vezenkov can play both forward spots effectively. The best part of his game is probably his spot up jumper, but he can drive well too, especially to his dominate left side. He is very tough to stop in transition, and he has improved in drawing fouls. Vezenkov is a true competitor who constantly overcomes his lack of athletic ability.

Weaknesses: As touched on above, athletic ability is one of the aspects that brings Vezenkov down. He has worked extremely hard to put up great stats despite his below-average leaping ability and quickness. He may be a little slow to defend fast wing players, and a little small to take on strong power forwards, but Vezenkov will certainly be able to help an NBA team in the near future.

--Tom Bellucco,