March 3, 2021

Watch Candace Parker School Shaquille O'Neal on the Modern NBA on 'Inside the NBA'

"Inside the NBA" analysts Candace Parker and Shaquille O'Neal engaged in a lively debate Tuesday about how teams are attacking pick-and-roll coverage in the modern NBA. And Parker ran circles around O'Neal.

"The NBA switches now because everybody can shoot threes," Parker said.

"What happened to manning up?" O'Neal responded.

"Because you're manning up trying to recover to your man and they're gonna hit a three just like Jokic did," Parker shot back.

As Parker is trying to explain to O'Neal that defenses need to adapt to the changing surroundings, he kept bringing up points that applied to defensive coverages of the past.

"Yeah but you gotta take the easy pass away. If you ain't gonna switch, you gotta take the easy-," O'Neal said before getting cut off.

"Now you have guys that can throw the ball from one side of the court and find the guy in rhythm." Parker finished.

As with most arguments on the show, O'Neal brought up that his team won the championship using his preferred coverage.

But their conversation shines an increasingly bright light on O'Neal's lazy commentary.

Just this season, O'Neal has had uncomfortable conversations with Christian Wood calling him a "casual," getting tense with Donovan Mitchell, mistaking Nikola Jokic's nationality as "Russian" and failing to recall the names of well-known NBA players.

While "Inside the NBA" is meant to be entertaining, these gaffes from their "experts" are embarrassing.

But mistakes can be forgiven when you're a Hall of Famer and the star of an iconic show that's won 11 Emmy Awards. 

Photo: Getty Images