August 18, 2021

Sixers' Ben Simmons Needs to Take Danny Green’s Advice This Offseason

Ben Simmons' future with the 76ers remains in doubt following Philadelphia's disappointing playoff exit. 

The three-time All-Star point guard sits on an unstable footing with Philadelphia, leading to speculation that he may have played his final game with the Sixers. Over the last several weeks, he’s distanced himself from the franchise while cutting off lines of communication for the team through his agent Rich Paul. 

However, 76ers teammate Danny Green recently voiced he believes that Simmons should use this time to get himself in the right mental standing.

“The media is not thinking about just him anymore, about his wrongs or his mishaps or his flaws,” Green said via NBC Sports. “They’ve had the Olympics going on. The good and the bad of social media is ... there’s always going to be somebody that’s going to do something bad or good to where they’re going to forget about it. Hopefully, that time has given him time to heal.

“It’s not about him healing physically, it’s more mentally and emotionally to where he can refresh himself, reset, come in and reidentify himself. And I’ll hopefully have that conversation with him.”

There isn’t so much questioning his capability on the court, but more so his mental approach. He’s an elite passer and defender, but it’s his reluctance to expand his game outside the paint. 

Simmons hasn’t developed a consistent outside shot, highlighted by taking just 34 three-point attempts while making five shots through his first four seasons. His lack of confidence in his shooting beyond the paint has limited him from reaching another level of play. 

It’s the sole source of the uncertainty around his future in Philadelphia. In many ways, his lack of scoring prowess has made him an offensive liability that the 76ers are seriously considering moving on from before next season. 

All that has likely angered Simmons, which shouldn’t be the biggest source of his attention. This offseason should serve as a time for him to reassess his approach to his craft. The 25-year-old has an entire offseason to work on expanding his offensive game to include a reliable outside shot while improving his free throw shooting as hitting 59% from the charity stripe won’t cut it. 

Beyond that, it’s important for him to build his self-confidence in his ability as that is what is truly lacking. It’s a golden opportunity to reignite his career to become the player that an organization believes can help guide a team to a championship.

Photo: Getty Images