July 19, 2021

5 Reasons Why John Collins is Perfect Fit for Dallas Mavericks

The 2021 free agency class isn’t stacked with game-changing talent, but there are several players who can significantly help shape a roster. Big man John Collins falls into that category as he'll be a restricted free agent this offseason who will receive plenty of interest from NBA teams. 

Collins will have his choice of options — as long as the Hawks don't match an offer for the former No. 19 pick in the 2017 NBA Draft — including the Dallas Mavericks.

Desperate to add talent around star Luka Doncic and move past the drama, the Mavs must put the full-court press on Collins to ink him to a lucrative contract.

Here are five reasons why he's the ideal fit next do Doncic in Dallas. 

Mavericks Need Frontcourt Help

Dallas has become a perennial playoff contender with Luka Doncic leading the charge, but haven’t been able to get out of the first round. It’s become quite noticeable that the Mavericks need a boost in the frontcourt alongside Doncic. 

Collins has developed into a dependable scoring option with the ability to stretch the floor beyond the arc. He’s coming off a productive campaign, where he averaged 17.6 points while shooting 55.6% from the floor and 39.9% from beyond the arc. 

The 23-year-old isn’t a primary scoring option, but his skill set should feed off Doncic’s ball-dominating playing style. 

They Need More Young Talent Around Luka Doncic

With Doncic quickly emerging as one of the game’s best talents, it placed significant pressure on the Mavericks to field a strong group of talent around him. 

Tim Hardaway Jr. proved to be a solid supporting piece alongside the star forward. However, the Mavericks don’t possess any other young players who can impact the game like Collins. 

The Wake Forest product falls right in line with the age range that they prefer to build around Doncic (22). Collins can grow alongside the two-time All-Star as one of the core centerpieces moving forward.

Attract Other Talent In Free Agency

Over the years, the Mavericks haven’t been the most attractive landing spot in free agency. 

Dallas holds the allure of playing alongside a generational talent in Doncic, which adding Collins could help those efforts. If the organization hopes to compete for an NBA title, it will need to land a few prominent free agents to fill out the roster. 

The Mavericks may also become active players in the trade market, but if they begin to land more notable names in free agency, it will certainly help make them a more appealing free agency destination.

Flexibility To Trade Kristaps Porzinigis

One of the underlying storylines around the Mavericks concerns Kristaps Porzingis’ long-term future.

His regression this past season coupled with postseason struggles on both ends of the floor have fueled trade rumors

Adding Collins will give the Mavericks more of a reason to move off the former All-Star. The problem may lie with his contract as he has three years left in his five-year, $158.2 million that holds a $36 million player option for the 2023-24 season. 

The Mavericks will have a few suitors for Porzingis, but it’s the type of offers that remain the biggest question mark. 

It'd Make Luka Doncic Happy

Beyond anything else, the Mavericks’ No. 1 goal moving forward is to find a way to keep Doncic for the long haul. 

The 22-year-old has already hinted that he will sign the five-year, $201 million rookie supermax extension if it’s offered this offseason. However, Dallas needs to show a concerted effort that they are building toward a championship-contending roster. 

At some point, competing for an NBA title will become the barometer for the Mavericks, especially after Trae Young just led the Atlanta Hawks to the Eastern Conference. 

Ultimately, if the Mavericks want to avoid any possible doubt regarding their star forward’s long-term future, pursuing a talent such as Collins is a step in the right direction.

Photo: Getty Images