Updated March 7, 2022

Corrigan's Gambling Corner: NBA Player Prop Bets: +748 Parlay Odds - March 7, 2022

Hello, and welcome back to the gambling corner. We are back with our three favorite bets in the NBA tonight.

We have an eight-game slate in the NBA tonight, and the matchups are pretty damn good for a Monday night. If I could, I would have a little action on every game. However, betting on sports costs money, and I only have a limited amount of that.

Still, I love the board, and we have three plus-value props tonight. All you have to do is sit back, watch some hoops, and place some bets.

We would love for you to tail our picks. If you do so, please always remember to gamble responsibly.

*Odds via FanDuel Sportsbook

Atlanta Hawks at Detroit Pistons

Cade Cunningham Over 19.5 Points (+100)

It took a couple of months for the number one overall pick to hit his stride, but Cunningham is really starting to put the league on notice. Over his last seven games, Cunningham is putting up 20.4 points per game. While he is only shooting 42% during that stretch and only 40% from the field this season, Cunningham is averaging 18.7 shots per night.

I have said it a lot, but the amount of shots someone is putting up makes me more comfortable rather than the percentage of shots he is actually making. Although he is only a rookie, Cunningham is ranked 40th in shots per game, and if his averages over the last seven games hold, he would be ranked inside the top 10.

It also helps that Atlanta's defense is historically terrible. Atlanta's defense is ranked 26th in effective field goal percentage, 27th in three-point shooting percentage, 25th in shooting percentage, and 26th in shooting efficiency. They have shown some flashes of improvement throughout the season, but over their last five games, the leading scorer against the Hawks is averaging 28.8 points per game.

Chicago Bulls at Philadelphia 76ers

James Harden Over 2.5 Made Threes (+112)

While Harden has only played four games with the 76ers, it is pretty clear that he is happy playing in Philadelphia, and the 76ers look unstoppable right now. They are 4-0 when Harden plays, and they are winning by an average of 17 points per game.

On the season, Harden's numbers are a little down, but I am chalking that up to his hatred for playing in Brooklyn. For the entire season, Harden is shooting 42.5% from the field and only 34.4% from deep. With the 76ers, he is shooting 59.2% from the field and 50% from three. With the Nets, he actually averaged one more three-point attempt per game, but he only shot 33.2%.

While the Bulls only allow 11.6 made threes per game, teams are shooting 36.3% from three against Chicago, which is the fifth-highest mark in the league. With Lonzo Ball and Alex Caruso still out, the Bulls are without two of their best defensive guards, which opens the door for a big shooting night from Harden.

Los Angeles Lakers at San Antonio Spurs

LeBron James Under 5.5 Assists (+100)

LeBron has not gone over this number in his last five games, but during that stretch, he is shooting 51.9% from the field and is averaging 32.2 points per game. He also added 56 points in his last game, so I do not know if he has just said "screw it, I will do it myself" or if he is just feeling good lately, but I do know that he is starting to lose confidence in his teammates (we are looking at you, Westbrook). 

I have been watching LeBron play since I was four years old. Outside of Chris Paul, I do not think I have ever seen a better passer than James. However, he is only averaging 6.2 assists per game this season, which is his lowest total since his second season in Miami, and the third-lowest total of his entire career.

The Spurs only allow 24.2 assists per game, which is ranked 14th in the NBA. I get that LeBron is always a threat to have a big assists night, but without Anthony Davis in the lineup, LeBron's assists production drops significantly.


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