November 20, 2020
BY Lance Cartelli

Ranking the 10 Best NBA Free Agents in 2020

Are you ready for a completely chaotic free agency? 

Following a pretty lifeless 2020 NBA Draft, free agency should prove to be a lot more entertaining. That's because free agency is one of the most exciting parts of the offseason.

With some of the best players in the NBA able to switch teams each year, free agency can completely change the NBA world. 

This season, there are some interesting free agency possibilities out there, including one of the best players in the NBA having the ability to decide his fate heading into the 2020-2021 campaign.

Here are the 10 best free agents on the market.

10. Christian Wood

Christian Wood has incredible timing. He's hitting free agency at the perfect time. 

After bouncing around the league throughout his career, he's played surprisingly well in the past two seasons for the Pelicans and Pistons, respectively. 

The 6-10 Wood really carved a role for himself when he entered the Pistons' starting lineup late in the season. He nearly averaged a double-double in his final 13 games. 

At just 25, Wood seems like a good bet to continue to grow and spread his roots, I mean, wings. 

Update: Wood inked a three-year, $41 million deal with the Rockets, according to ESPN.

9. Joe Harris

Harris is going to be a popular player on the free-agent market because of his superior shooting.

The Nets' free agent has a career three-point shooting percentage of nearly 43% and he averaged a career-high 14.5 points last season.

Brooklyn will absolutely want to bring back the 29-year-old to play alongside Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, but every single team in the league wants to have more shooters so when a knockdown scorer becomes available, it could become a bidding war. 

Update: Harris re-signed with the Nets, per The Athletic. 

8. Davis Bertans

Harris isn't the only sharpshooter available in free agency. In fact, he's not even the best one available because of the presence of the Latvian Laser. 

In his fourth season in the league, Davis Bertans had a breakout campaign for the Wizards. Bertans averaged a career-best 15.4 points and hit nearly four 3s per game. 

Bertans will be a perfect stretch-four for a team that needs spacing. 

Update: Bertans re-signed with the Wizards on a five-year, $80 million deal. 

7. Danilo Gallinari 

With the Thunder apparently going into a deep rebuild, it's highly unlikely they'll bring back the 32-year-old forward.

It'll be fascinating to see what kind of deal Danilo Gallinari gets on the market as he's on the wrong side of 30 and he's had a litany of injuries in his career. But when he's on the court, like has been the past couple of seasons, Gallinari has been a solid contributor. He averaged 18.7 points and shot over 40% from beyond the arc last season, so he's definitely getting paid. The only question is, by who? 

Update: Gallinari signed a three-year, $61.5 million deal with the Hawks, per ESPN.

6. Goran Dragic

The Miami Heat improved from last season after bringing in Jimmy Butler, but the steady hand of Goran Dragic at the point guard position helped them reach the NBA Finals.

An unrestricted free agent, the 34-year-old guard can both score and distribute the basketball, without being ball-dominant.

While his age is a concern, that could make him a bargain on a short-term deal. It'd be a surprise if the Heat don't re-up the guard. 

UPDATE: Dragic will re-sign with the Heat.

5. Bogdan Bogdanovic (RFA)

There's already drama surrounding Bogdan Bogdanovic's free agency. 

The Kings' restricted free agent was on the verge of being a Milwaukee Buck after a sign-and-trade deal, but the deal is dead after the league investigated for tampering. 

The sharpshooter will be wanted by multiple franchises. At 28, the Serbian has a career three-point percentage of 37.2. He'll be a valuable piece for a team that needs spacing, like the Bucks

4. Fred VanVleet

Not many players have improved their stock more than Fred VanVleet has over the past couple of seasons. 

While it is early in his career, it is already safe to say that VanVleet is turning into one of the better players in the NBA in terms of making winning plays. After becoming an integral part of the Raptors' championship team, the undrafted point guard's role grew when Kawhi Leonard departed for Los Angeles. 

And VanVleet stepped up. 

He is excellent at getting the ball into the paint and creating both for himself and teammates, and his three-point shot is a consistent 39.3% for his career as well. Consistency is a theme for VanVleet as a player, as you know that you are going to get a rock-solid piece to build a winner with when he is on the roster.

3. Gordon Hayward

After a rocky tenure with the Celtics, Gordon Hayward recently opted out of the final year of his pact with Boston.

Things must have been pretty bad if the talented wing is forgoing $34.2 million. That or he probably feels pretty good about getting a long-term deal — from the Celtics or another squad — when free agency starts. 

Despite a gruesome leg injury, Hayward should be a highly coveted wing because he offers playmaking, scoring and defense in a depressed free-agent market. 

2. Brandon Ingram (RFA)

Part of the massive Anthony Davis haul for the Pelicans, Brandon Ingram took the next step to stardom in his first year in New Orleans. 

The restricted free agent isn't going anywhere as the Pelicans will surely match any offer that Ingram receives. 

In his lone campaign with the Pelicans, the former Duke star averaged a career-high 23.8 points per game. 

1. Anthony Davis

The seven-time All-Star is a free agent in name only. He opted out of his contract with the Lakers to become a free agent, but that's just a formality because he'll be signing a long-term, max contract to stay in Los Angeles.

While the Lakers gave up a lot to acquire the former Pelicans big man, things could not have gone better for Los Angeles. Davis fit in perfectly with the purple and gold and brought home the franchise's first championship since 2010. 

With LeBron James not getting any younger, Davis is the cornerstone of the Lakers franchise, and their most valuable asset... once they do re-sign him. 

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