April 26, 2022

Ranking the 5 Worst First Pitches Ever

The ceremonial first pitch at a baseball game is always very exciting. You usually don't know who it is going to be, and sometimes you get some real stinkers. 

Every once in a while you get a first pitch so bad that it dominates social media for the night. If you are lucky, a worldwide megastar will absolutely yeet the ball 100-rows to the right. That is what happened at the Chicago Cubs game with MMA legend Conor McGregor. 

Obviously, this begs the question, where does this first pitch rank in the history of awful first pitches? Well, lucky for you, I have decided to rank the five worst first pitches of all time. 

5. Jordan Leandre, 2017

Just a hilarious visual all-around. When a high school pitcher hits the mound for a first pitch, you expect a nice, clean, keep-it-moving toss to the catcher. Quite literally the last thing you would expect is a camera guy catching a stray.

Luckily, the cameraman was OK, and we got a first pitch that we will never forget.

4. Mary Ruich, 2019

Ruich was a White Sox employee who was named the "employee of the month." So I guess they just let her throw the first pitch? It's clear by the way she threw the baseball that she thought this was a lame prize for working hard. Absolutely zero effort was given. 

Anyway, this cameraman got off a little easier than the last, but this was more improbable. The man is standing to the left of the mound. She has to actively try to hit this guy. The good news is that it just hit his camera and he was fine. 

3. Carl Lewis, 2003

When you task a world-class athlete like Carl Lewis with an athletic task, you expect greatness. There is no chance the nine-time Olympic gold medalist was not going to just fire one in there — except he gave us a ceremonial ground ball to the catcher. 

I am calling a foul on the re-pitch, that can't happen. You don't get to run again after you trip at the start of the race, the second pitch does not count. 

2. 50 Cent, 2014

Nothing brings the world together like a funny moment in sports. When the person who provides that moment is 50 Cent, it is 100 times better. 

This is just inexcusable. I find it hard to believe that people are this bad at throwing a baseball. Even if you have never thrown a baseball, you can do better than 50 Cent. He might as well have underhanded it if he knew what was going to happen. 

1. Conor McGregor, 2021

This is absolutely not recency bias, that was the worst first pitch I have ever seen. Then again, we have seen this man throw a football before. 

Like Lewis, you cannot be a world-class athlete and be bad at athletic stuff on camera, it just can't happen. Everything about this pitch is hilarious, the windup, the delivery, and then the result. The good news for McGregor is that he has proven to be able to shoot a basketball.

Photo: Getty Images