November 3, 2021

Ranking The 3 Best Candidates For New Manager Of The Oakland A's

In a stunning move, long-time Oakland A's manager, Bob Melvin decided to move south and take the manager job with the San Diego Padres.

The writing is on the wall for the A's as it is time to start unloading pieces and begin the rebuild. Even if Melvin stayed, Oakland was inevitably heading into a complete teardown. 

The A's failed to make the playoffs this season, and with no prayer of signing a big-time free agent, and with no top prospect set to come up and save the team, it is time for a full-on rebuild. While that is bad news for the A's, it is even worse when having to find a new manager at the same time. Not only does Oakland have to find a new manager, but they also have to find one that has to manage a rebuilding team. 

Obviously, that changes the strategy of the hiring process, but at the end of the day, the A's need a new manager, and I am here to rank the three-best candidates. 

3. Buck Showalter

The A's need to be very careful when selecting their new manager. First of all, they will probably want to roll with someone who has experience in this league. Secondly, Oakland needs to find someone who has been a part of a rebuild before. 

Buck Showalter has managed in over 3,000 games and has a career record of 1,551-1,517. Based on his record, he knows a lot about losing and a lot about winning. Showalter's name has popped up a few times this season for a possible return but the question is, does he want to come back and manage a rebuilding team?

If he does, Oakland needs to give him a call. Whoever Oakland hires will probably not win a World Series based on the state of the team. However, what they can do is hire a guy to rebuild the culture as well as the team. If that is the route they want to go, Showalter makes a lot of sense. 

2. Ryan Christenson

Now, I do not know what the Oakland A's are thinking right now. If they want the new manager to be an in-house hire, then Ryan Christenson is the best option. He has been Melvin's bench coach in Oakland since 2018, and he was drafted and played with the A's for a short time. 

Christenson also served as the A's Triple-A manager in 2017 and even got an indirect endorsement from Melvin. After it was announced that Melvin was heading to San Diego, he discussed how good his staff in Oakland was. 

"I didn't create that whole thing; our staff did. It's never been about me, it's been about the entire group, and that coaching staff has been there for a while. They are in good hands, and as it stands right now, they have a really good team, too. So, I feel really good about that, the fact that almost everything is still in place there" Melvin told NBC Sports. 

Christenson is familiar with the team, the culture, and even their farm system. Despite his controversy (I am not getting into it), Christenson makes a lot of sense if they are looking to hire within the organization. 

1. Ron Washington

Ron Washington has been in baseball for a long time, and he finally was a part of a World Series-winning team when the Atlanta Braves won the World Series over the Astros. Washington, whose many stops in baseball included a couple of stints with the A's, has become a hot name in the managerial carousel. He is widely regarded as one of the best infield coaches in the game and is credited with the progression of players such as Ozzie Albies, Dansby Swanson, and many others. 

Like Dusty Baker, Washington is viewed as a players-coach and is beloved across the league. If he were to get the job, having a manager that is loved by players would not be a bad thing, especially if he is managing a rebuilding team. Even if the A's did not win anything with Washington, at the very least, the A's can count on him to build up the young players and develop a culture. 

Photo: Getty Images