April 9, 2021
BY Lance Cartelli

Dodgers' Trevor Bauer Under MLB Investigation For Using Foreign Substances on Baseballs

Trevor Bauer is in quite a sticky situation. 

The Dodgers' highly paid pitcher is under investigation by the MLB for using foreign substances on multiple baseballs from Los Angeles' 4-3 loss to the Oakland Athletics on Wednesday, according to The Athletic. 

In the game, Bauer struck out 10 batters in 6 2/3 innings in the loss. 

The balls that were reportedly sent to the MLB for investigation were sticky and had visual markings. 

The MLB sent a memo to all 30 teams on March 23 that the league would start cracking down on foreign substances on baseballs while comparing them to the spin rates of other pitchers. 

Bauer recently criticized the MLB's memo with a 23-minute video on his YouTube page. 

"It’s only illegal for pitchers to have ‘foreign substance’ on their person, their body or whatever,” Bauer said. “It’s not illegal for a catcher to have it on his shin guards or his chest protector, as we’ve seen. It’s not illegal for a third baseman to have it on his glove or a center fielder to have it on his glove ... So my question is if I throw a pitch and it gets thrown out and tested and then has a foreign substance on it, how do they know that it came from me and not from the catcher’s glove or from the third baseman’s glove?"

It's unclear how severe the punishment would be for Bauer if he's found to be in violation of the rule because they may not be able to prove the Dodgers' starting pitcher applied the substance to the balls in question. 

Photo: Getty Images