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Updated March 23, 2023
BY Lines

Sell Your Picks Free Of Charge

Make Money Selling Your Picks

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How it works

  • Make bets from your linked sportsbook, those tracked bets get sent out to your subscribers
  • Set your price for 7-day or 30-day subscriptions (more options coming soon)
  • Earn revenue paid directly into your linked payment account
  • Lines periodically refreshes your sportsbooks, but to keep your clients up to date, you can refresh your account manually in your BETS tab of the settings. Once refreshed and you see your bets in PENDING, they will be sent out to clients for them to view and bet-with-click in their subscription feed.
  • Lines handles your subscriptions by adding new clients that have subscribed and removing expired packages. All packages are a one-time purchase
  • As a seller, when making a post, you can select whether you want to message subscribers only, or if you want your message/bet to go out to the public as a free pick teaser.
  • Subscribers will receive a push notification/email when new picks are tracked from your sportsbook


  • Update your profile type to “Seller” status via the web
  • You will see a checklist in the SALES HISTORY after a refresh

Complete the following after setting your account to seller:

  1. Verify your email address
  2. Update your bio with information about your services
  3. Set your pick prices for 7 day and/or 30 day subscriptions
  4. Create or link up your Stripe account to receive payments
  5. Link up at least 1 Sportsbook where your picks will come from

Subscribers will have access to seller’s pending picks for 7 or 30 days. Sellers are required to share a minimum of 7 or 30, depending on the package, booked picks to receive full payment within the 7-day or 30-day subscription window.

Failing to send the minimum number of picks will result in the customer receiving a pro-rated refund based on the (Price/Day) * # of picks not received, e.g. if only 20 of 30 minimum picks are shared, subscribers will receive a 10/30 (33%) refund.


  • Sellers (Cappers) will retain 70% of all subscription fees generated.
  • Payouts will be available on a monthly basis for you to deposit into your linked Stripe account. When there are funds ready to withdraw, the “Ready for Payout” button will enable with amounts ready for processing to your account.
  • Earnings can be viewed via web in your SALES HISTORY or in your linked Stripe account
  • Lines will retain 30% commission toward payment processing fees, operator bet tracking expenses, new features and promoting more users to you.
  • You can view all subscribers in your SALES HISTORY. Clicking on the amount or status will show how many picks have been sent to each customer.

Mandatory Rules

  • Sellers must be the author of their picks
  • Copying of picks is prohibited and can result in account revocation
  • Sellers must refrain from chasing losses
  • If you wish to discontinue your services, change your account type to either Public or Private. Existing subscribers will continue as usual until expiration, but no new customers will be able to subscribe.
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