Updated September 17, 2023

Top 15 UFC Octagon Girls

There is no denying the brutality of combat sports, specifically the MMA we see in the UFC which is increasing the promotion and the sport’s popularity by the day. Guys and gals are getting knocked out, battered, beaten up, and put to sleep in that octagon, so it’s always been the job of the gorgeous octagon girls to draw a little attention away from the carnage for a few moments with some levity and beauty.

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While some, like former UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, see the job of the octagon girls as unnecessary and obsolete, they are a fundamental of combat sports going back many years in the boxing world. They’re not going anywhere any time soon—and thank the good lord for that—so here’s our list of the top 15 UFC octagon girls of all-time.

15. Summer Daniels

One of the most popular UFC octagon girls during her stint with the promotion, Summer Daniels has now devoted most of her time to her family and her new career as a model. Daniels, who is one of the only ladies to work for both UFC and Bellator during her MMA career, is also an accomplished singer-songwriter.

14. Vanessa Hanson

One of the younger women on our list, Vanessa Hanson is still in her mid-20s, but that hasn’t stopped her from becoming one of the most popular ring girls in the UFC arsenal. Hanson, who has nearly 300k Instagram followers, also works as a model for several California agencies including ‘Brand’ and she’s also a licensed esthetician. At 5 '10”, she’s also one of the taller ladies on the roster, and her long legs are definitely an asset to her success as an octagon girl and professional model.

13. Brooke Lynnette

Though no longer on the UFC team, Brooke Lynnette was once one of the best and most beautiful in the business when she was working events and pay-per-views for MMA promotions such as Cage Warriors, where she earned the head ring girl job back in 2011. The Scotland native’s curvy figure is exactly what promotions are looking for in an octagon girl these days, and she’s parlayed her beauty into an enormous following of over one million on Instagram. She has modeled for various industries and has even appeared in a few commercials throughout her career. 

12. Chandella Powell

Another classic UFC ring girl who most mixed martial arts fans would have no problem picking out of a lineup, Chandella Powell, graced the UFC stage for many years before moving on to other ventures. She began strutting for the UFC’s biggest events in 2009 after working at the Playboy Club at the Palms Casino Resort. She is known not only for her beauty while strolling around the octagon holding ring cards, but she’s also celebrated for having broken down racial barriers as the UFC’s first black octagon girl.

11. Ali Sonoma

A classic blonde beauty, Ali Sonoma got her start with the UFC way back in 2006, making her one of the OGs of the profession. Sonoma has since moved on from the ring girl gig, finding success in the modeling industry while also returning to school to earn a degree in nutrition and dietetics, with a job as a registered dietician as her ultimate goal. The tall Florida native is also known for her interest in fitness and soccer. 

10. Jhenny Andrade

Andrade is a long-time UFC ring girl and three-time winner of the “Ring Card Girl Of The Year” award. The 35-year-old, who once dated world class footballer Neymar, hails from Sao Paolo, Brazil, which is not only a hot spot for MMA talent, but also one of the top places to spot hot models to show off those ring cards at UFC events. Andrade, who also works as a model and trains in Muay Thai in her spare time, boasts a massive following of over 600k on Instagram and was named to the 100 sexiest women in the world list for six straight years previously.

9. Holly Madison

Though this all-time beauty was never a regular UFC ring girl, she did don the UFC bikini and lap the octagon on one occasion as a celebrity octagon girl during the landmark UFC 100 event back in 2009, which made her eligible for our list. She is one of the most famous women to do the octagon walk, and is probably most well-known for being a former girlfriend of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner (whom she dumped) and for appearing on the reality show, ‘The Girls Next Door.’ She now runs a podcast called ‘Girls Next Level’ that has a significant following of over 90k.

8. Carly Baker

This arresting English beauty is a longtime octagon girl who also does acting on the side through the Galloways Agency. She’s also been known to keep herself in shape by training in various mixed martial arts disciplines, such as Muay Thai. She has a large following of over 240k on Instagram and now works as a personal trainer as well. She’s also had an illustrious career on the pageant circuit and was notable for being the first ever European to make her way into the UFC octagon girl ranks.

7. Red Dela Cruz

A stunning Filipina beauty, Red Dela Cruz is one of the most popular current UFC octagon girls, sharing her social media life with over 415k followers on Instagram. She came up from tough beginnings back in the Philippines, but that ‘It’ factor was noticed when she entered and won the UFC Octagon Girl Search in Asia a few years ago. She also works extensively as a model and at a data company in Sydney with her partner Joey Bacic.

6. Amber Nichole Miller

When it comes to octagon or ring girls, you can’t have a conversation without mentioning Amber Nichole Miller. While she hasn’t made the walk around the octagon in some time, she was one of the very first octagon girls for a burgeoning MMA promotion called the UFC. Miller was at the UFC even before Dana White. After retiring from the octagon girl lifestyle over a decade ago, she has since started up a fashion-related business with husband and former UFC light heavyweight champ Tito Ortiz, for which Miller does a lot of modeling.

5. Brookliyn Wren

One of the most popular UFC octagon girls on the current roster, Brookliyn Wren is always a sight for sore eyes during an intense UFC card, lighting up the arena with her voluptuous figure and charming smile as she did most recently at UFC 285. Believe it or not, Wren, who started working with the UFC in 2017, actually hails from Alaska, where she won several beauty pageants as a youngster. She started modeling at age 14 and hasn’t stopped, currently working with iT Model Management and O Models Agency. 

4. Camila Oliveira

Another Brazilian bombshell, Camila Oliveira is one of the younger ladies on the UFC octagon girl roster, but she still struts those ring cards like an absolute pro who’s been doing it for years. She also works as a model and TV host when she’s not keeping UFC fans entertained between rounds. There’s no debating her head to toe beauty, and she should go on to a very successful career with the UFC as one of the promotion's best octagon girls.

Top 3 Hottest Ring Girls

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3. Luciana Andrade

With over 350k followers on Instagram, it doesn’t get much bigger than the incomparable Luciana Andrade. Not only have her gorgeous good looks helped her find tons of success as a UFC octagon girl and model, but the brains behind the beauty have allowed her to pursue a career as a legal practitioner as well. Hailing from Coritiba, Brazi, she has now been working as both a UFC octagon girl and a lawyer for the past 10 years. Talk about a girl who has it all.

2. Brittney Palmer

A current UFC octagon girl, Brittney Palmer most recently worked UFC281 in New York. She’s one of the most popular octagon girls in social media terms, with over 1.1 million followers on her intriguing Instagram page. She’s also a budding contemporary artist, a vocation in which she’s shown a lot of talent, with her art hanging in museums in New York, Hong Kong, and Miami. Palmer, who has won five RingCard Girl Of The Year awards at the World MMA Awards, including the last three straight years, also works as a host, model, and designer for various companies. 

1. Arianny Celeste

As a UFC octagon girl since 2006, Arianny Celeste is one of the longest-tenured women in her profession and has become an absolute staple of the UFC at this point. Her jaw-dropping beauty and charismatic personality have helped her win a record six Ring Card Girl Of The Year awards, including the first four straight from 2008 to 2011. In 16 years on the job she has not lost a step at all, and she continues to be arguably the most popular UFC octagon girl on the roster, with a whopping 3.2 million Instagram followers. Celeste, who once worked as a model for Playboy in her early days, has pretty much become the epitome of what a UFC octagon girl is, which is why she sits atop our list.

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