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NFL Point Spread

In NFL betting a point spread is used to show the underdog and the favorite in the game to balance the odds of the betting game. In a point spread you can pick a loser of a game, but still win your bet, if the loser covers the point spread. Conversely, you can pick the winner of a game, but still lose the bet if that team did not cover the spread. If the Redskins are favored by 3.5 points over the Cowboys the Redskins must win by 4 or more points for you to win the bet. Also, if you bet on the Cowboys they must not lose by more than 3 points for you to win the bet. Whenever you see a point spread you will see a (–) and a (+) in front of the spread. The (–) denotes the favorite and how many points they are giving up on the point spread and the + denotes the underdog and how many points they are getting on the point spread. 

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NFL Odds

NFL betting is the most popular in sports betting. When looking for the NFL spread there are multiple Internet sites to choose from. has odds posted from all of the best sports books online today, so you can get the best bang for your buck; meaning you can find the best odds possible, giving you the best payout for your bet! always gives you the most up to date NFL point spreads and totals. Our Live data gives you the ability to see all the major sports books odds as they change in real time.

NFL Totals Bet

The totals bet in the NFL is easy to understand, as there will be a number posted and you can bet if the total of number of points scored in the game will go Over or Under than posted amount. Also known as the Over/Under or (O/U).

Point spreads and totals will change during the week before the game and moments leading up to the event for things such as injuries, weather, and betting trends. Betting trends move the NFL Lines based on the general public’s bets, due to Las Vegas odds makers need to safe guard themselves from losses. If the public is betting on one team much more than the other, you will see the line move in a un favorable direction of the team taking the most action. It is important to know that the odds you get at the time of your wager will be the ones you are locked in at for the event. This makes your timing and decision making a factor in your game of chance. 

Betting Information has a multitude of information resources that allow you to make an educated decision on your wagers. In terms of NFL lines the fact that we have odds posted from so many sports books in real time makes us the only site you will need for sports betting information. In sports betting it is always important to check multiple sports books to ensure you get the best odds for the bet you are wagering on. 

Additional Information

Lines gives you all the betting information needed to make intelligent bets. An intelligent bet is one you handicap by evaluating all the resources , trends, tells, and tips you have at your disposal and make a decision based off that information. has what you need to properly handicap a game. We have Odds, Matchups, Injuries, Scores, Standings, Schedule, Trends, Offensive Stats, Defensive Stats, Team List, and Betting Previews. 


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