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MLB Spreads/Totals

At Lines, we provide you with the current MLB spreads that can help you make the right decisions when it comes to placing your bets.  With our help, you can place your bet based on the number of runs the winning team will play.  MLB spreads can help you make the best choice for your bet and by using the spreads/totals information you can place your bet knowing you have the highest possible chance of a successful outcome. 

The spreads & totals combine the MLB lines with the spreads to indicate whether the team is favored or the underdog by using a positive or negative value.  A positive is an indicator that the team is the underdog by a set number of runs while a negative value is an indicator that the team is favored by that number of runs.  The second number is the moneyline which indicates how much you will need to wager and how much you will profit if you win the bet.

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MLB Moneylines

Baseball betting is one of the greatest sports betting trends in history second only to the NFL.  When it comes to choosing MLB lines, the internet provides a one stop shop offering all the information you need to place your winning bet.  In baseball betting, there is no point spread. Instead, you place bets based on a moneyline  that outlines the favorite and the underdog.  The team that you bet on has to win the game rather than win by a certain number of runs.

In the MLB moneyline, the favorite will actually have less favorable odds than the underdog.  This equates to a smaller payout if you bet on the favorite versus betting the underdog.  If you want to bet on the -180 favorite, you will risk $180 for a potential win of $100.  However, if you place your MLB bet on the +160 underdog, you will risk $100 to win $160.  You risk more if you want to bet on the favorite and you take a chance at winning a higher payout by backing the underdog.

MLB Totals

Baseball totals typically range from 7 to 12 depending on various factors such as the pitcher, the relative scoring potential of the two teams involved and the prediction of the oddsmaker.  Lines offers the latest baseball odds totals to help you make the right decisions when it comes to making your bets.  Betting on these over-under odds in baseball involves deciding whether the total number of runs scored in the game by both teams will be more than or less than a certain number.

Additional Information

In addition to providing the most current MLB lines for baseball betting, we also offer you the latest information about pitchers, umpires, MLB injuries, standings, matchups and statistics.  This makes researching your picks and placing successful bets even easier than ever before.  Combine this information with the MLB odds, betting lines and details found throughout Line to increase your odds of a successful bet.


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