NHL Statistics

NHL Team Offensive Statistics

When you make wagers on NHL games one of the key things to look at is statistics. You can compare stats for each team in an NHL match up and you may be able to gain an edge over the sportsbook in a game that you want to bet on. When you view the team stats at Lines you will see a lot of statistical information for both offense and defense. Handicapping games makes it more likely that you will make a good bet that wins you some green


2020 Pro Hockey Statistics Sorted by Team
LOS ANGELES70294141.4%-
NEW JERSEY69284140.6%-
NY ISLANDERS68353351.5%-
NY RANGERS70373352.9%
SAN JOSE70294141.4%-
ST LOUIS71422959.2%
TAMPA BAY70432761.4%-

NHL Team Stats 

The team stats include the season stats for every team in the NHL. What you will see is each team in the NHL, the total games played (G), wins (W), losses (L), win percentage (W%), Units, goals per game (PPG), opponents goals per game (OPPG), shots on goal per game (SOG), and power plays per game (PP). As you can see, all the important NHL stats are thoroughly covered by Lines.

It is not hard to match the stats up with other teams in a game that you are looking to bet on. By simply clicking on any of the statistical categories you will find the leaders of that category for each team in the NHL. This is especially important when looking at the stats of goals per game and opponents’ goals per game. It’s important to look at offense and defense for NHL teams when making bets and to determine how they stack up against their opponents. For example, in the 2013 season the Tampa Bay Lightning scored the 3rd most goals per game in the league, but they may not be a good bet since they ranked 5th in opponents’ goals per game. 

Team Information

Lines also offers you a lot of team information in addition to the stats which makes it easier to get all the info you need on a match up. All of the teams are listed and by clicking on one of them you will get their information including where they are in the standings, their upcoming games, injuries, and game log for the entire season. The game log is a great resource to look at before making a wager, as you can see how that team has done in the last few games. 

Additional Information

Besides all the NHL statistics that you will find at Lines there are many more details that can help you make the best wager when it comes to hockey betting. Handicapping games in the NHL is important when you make a bet on an NHL game and all the info you need, and more, is available to you at Lines.  We provide you with team odds, matchups, the entire NHL season schedule, information on injuries and goalies, and expert betting previews to help you place and win bets. 


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