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Lines.com has all the information you need and more when it comes to NHL betting. The NHL matchups gives you tons of great info on game match ups throughout the season. This information is vital when handicapping NHL games.  The more information you have on a game the greater the chances are that your bet will be a winning one. .


Pro Hockey Game Matchup Report for 01/26/2020
NHL Matchups Continued

In the Matchup link you will see a game match up and many important statistics that are keys to know when laying money on the ice. You will not only see the line and the Over/Under of the game, but a lot of other information for both teams including GF (goals for), GA (goals against), straight up record, units, and Over/Under record. Lines also has the offensive statistics of (SOG) shots on goal, SHT% (shot percentage), PP (power play) PP% (power play percentage), and the defensive statistics of (SOG) shots on goal, SHT% (shot percentage), PP (power play) PP% (power play percentage). As you can see, Lines provides you with a lot of statistical information when it comes to NHL game match ups.

Comparing stats and betting records of teams is easy to do at Lines. You can see the records of each team in a match up and you can compare stats for teams both on offense and defense. Team comparisons in offensive and defensive stats is nice for NHL betting, especially for the Over/Under bet.

You can get further information on teams by clicking on them in the Matchups link. For each team it shows upcoming games, standings, injuries, and a full game log for the season with a lot of information on each individual game. In the game log you will see the result of the game, the moneyline, if the team won or lost straight up and in the Over/Under.  Here you can also see the power plays and power play goals, the shots on goal, and the starting goalie. No matter what you are looking for in hockey betting information, Lines has you covered.

Lines also provides you with the top NHL headlines and active NHL picks. You can see who the experts at Lines picked for upcoming games and past games too. This is great because it allows you to see their record and decide if you want to side with them on the next pick. 

Additional Information 

Matchups at Lines is just a small amount of the NHL betting information that is offered here. You can also find details on odds, injuries, score, standings, goalies, schedules and trends throughout the hockey season. All of these links have so much information on teams and match ups, which gives you everything you need when making NHL wagers. For successful sports betting and news, Lines has got you covered.

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