NFL Teams

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NFL Teams

The NFL Team List at gives you a ton of information about every single team in the NFL. Not only do they have records and stats, but also key betting information for every game that has happened during the season. Lines is your home for all the latest team stats to improve your NFL betting odds.

In NFL betting, and sports betting in general, the more information you have the better of a chance it is that you can make a winning wager. Handicapping NFL games is key when making bets and has you covered for all the info that you need. 

2018 Pro Football Team Report Sorted by Team
 Straight UPATSTotalsScoring
Team#GSUWin %ATSWin %UnitsO/U/POver %Under %PFPA
GREEN BAY166-937.5%6-9-140.00%-3.98-8-050.0%50.0%23.525.0
KANSAS CITY1813-572.2%10-7-158.82%+2.311-7-061.1%38.9%34.826.2
LA CHARGERS1813-572.2%10-8-055.56%+1.29-9-050.0%50.0%26.621.5
LA RAMS1915-478.9%9-8-252.94%+0.28-10-044.4%55.6%30.823.3
NEW ENGLAND1914-573.7%12-7-063.16%+4.37-12-036.8%63.2%27.720.4
NEW ORLEANS1814-477.8%10-8-055.56%+1.27-11-038.9%61.1%30.421.8
NY GIANTS165-1131.2%8-7-153.33%+0.39-7-056.2%43.8%23.125.8
NY JETS164-1225.0%5-10-133.33%-6.010-6-062.5%37.5%20.827.6
SAN FRANCISCO164-1225.0%5-11-031.25%-7.19-7-056.2%43.8%21.427.2
TAMPA BAY165-1131.2%7-7-250.00%-0.79-7-056.2%43.8%24.829.0
NFL Teams info:

In the NFL teams list, which is no surprise is under the NFL Teams List link on Lines, has all the teams in the NFL and their records, stats, and betting info. What you will see in the list are the teams, G (games played), SU (straight up record), Win %, ATS (against the spread) record, Units, O/U/P (Over/Under), Over %, Under %, PF (points for) PA (points against).

The straight up record in the NFL teams list is something that you, obviously,  need to and should know, but the betting info is what Lines really has covered and is vital information when making bets on games. If a team is a great one, but is not good at covering the spread, i.e. does not have a good ATS record, than they may not be a good betting team. Lines gives you this info as well as all the info on Over/Under records.

The points for and points against shows you how good a team’s offense and defense can be and this is important, as you can stack that up against another team’s offense and defense in looking at a NFL game you want to bet. For example if a high scoring team is playing a team with a weak defense it is more likely that the game will be a high scoring one. Sportsbooks know this and will set the O/U accordingly, but you still have that info before you lay some green on a wager. 


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