NCAAF Statistics

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NCAAF Offensive Statistics

Statistics are an important part of any game. While the team with the best statistics may not win every game, it is often an indicator of who the strongest performers are. Therefore, it is a good idea to look through and analyze key offensive statistics before making any bets. Offensive abilities of a team will often dictate how much they will score and how well they will match their opponent in scoring. Both factors need to be accounted for when wagering a point total bet or against the spread. has a multitude of betting info around offensive stats to give you the same tools the Vegas book makers have. 

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Points Per Game

Historically, teams are undefeated when they score more points than their opponents. Therefore, you can be sure that teams that score a lot of points are going to win more often than not. However, make sure that you study the level of competition that a team with a high average point total played against. In some cases, a team could score 70 points against a bad team while scoring only 10 points against a good team.  

Yards Per Game

The number of yards per game that a team gets is an indicator of how well it moves the ball. When looking at this number, make sure that you look at the break down between passing yards per game and rushing yards per game. Additionally, you can break those numbers down to see how many yards an individual player accounts for. For example, a good quarterback may throw for 300 yards a game while an average quarterback may throw for 200 yards a game or less.

Time Of Possession

How long does a team hold the ball for? Teams that hold the ball for long periods of time tend to win more often than not. However, there are exceptions as certain teams like to run down the field to score as fast as possible. Typically, a winning team will hold the ball for at least 35 minutes a game or more. 


A team that turns the ball over a lot is not going to be successful. In general terms, you can look at the turnover differential to get an idea of how often it turns the ball over relative to how many turnovers the defense forces. Teams with a positive turnover differential are usually good at protecting the ball. 


Offenses that commit a lot of penalties hurt themselves drastically. In some cases, a penalty can push the team out of field goal range or negate a touchdown. Therefore, teams that commit a high number of penalties tend to lose more games than they win. If that team is playing against a disciplined team, those mistakes can be magnified even more.

There are a lot of statistics that can determine whether a team has a good enough offense to win games. While a strong defense can overcome a poor offense, most teams win in college football 

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