NCAAF Matchups

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NCAAF Matchup Reports

NCAAF Football matchups are a key component when placing online bets. provides weekly matchup reports that include the latest NCAAF lines, stats and data. Be sure to review the upcoming football schedule to ensure you have the best online betting odds. Our matchup reposrts give a mulitude of information for you to be infomraed of all the factors pro handicappers. 

College Football Game Matchup Report
NCAAFB Matchups Continued 

There is a lot that goes into determining which team is going to win a particular game. For example, a team that has averaged 300 yards passing a game could be without their starting quarterback for a week or two. That will certainly change what the team can do until the quarterback returns. What are some other things to look for when looking at college football matchups?

How Does Each Offense Fare Against Each Defense?

It is important to look at how many points per game a team has scored versus how many points their opponent gives up each week. This is because a team that scores a lot of points each week is more vulnerable when playing a good defense compared to a weak offense playing a weak defense. If a team relies on its offense to win each week, they could be ripe for an upset against a team with a solid defense.

Star Player info

There are at least one or two players on each team who make a difference in each game. In many cases, a team has a star quarterback or running back who can score without the help of a good offensive line or talent at the other skill positions. Additionally, teams that have good players on defense can disrupt the rhythm and timing of an offense. Make sure that you are looking out for such players when you make your picks each week.

Game Location

A majority of games played early in the season will be played at neutral sites. This is designed to get teams to play in large stadiums or to get larger schools to play smaller schools closer to home without technically playing at home. Games played on neutral sites may end differently than games played on the home field of one of the teams playing in the game. When making a bet, always make sure to take that into account.

Additional Information 

Many schools in college sports are dedicated to being powers in a particular sport. It is rare to see a school do well in football, basketball and baseball. Schools will typically invest their money and recruiting efforts into being the best at one sport. Therefore, a school that is traditionally a basketball power will not fare well in football. If you see a school such as Kentucky or Duke on the football schedule, there is a good chance that the other team is going to win.

It is important to do as much research as possible before making a bet. Those who take the time to do their homework before making a betting decision tend to win more money than those who make their bets based on the name of the school. 


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