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NCAAB Injury Report

If you plan on wagering to make a profit on a particular college basketball game it’s important to stay up to date on the NCAAB injuries and to follow up on even the smallest details.  Lines NCAAB injury reports provide timely updates on every minor and major injury that happens to college basketball players both on and off the court.  Here you will find detailed information regarding both reported and rumored player injuries which could deeply impact your betting.

For instant updates on the status of the players on your favorite college basketball teams, Lines provides you with the injury report which details recent injuries and the playing status of every player in the league.  It’s important to keep track of injuries and to use this information to your betting advantage.  Even a seemingly minor injury to a player or an injury to a player who is not the star athlete of the team can have a major impact on the scoring results.

 Team’s ability to score big when playing college basketball games in contingent on the entire team being able to play their best and to work together.  Injuries make play difficult and can remove star players as well as those who aren’t as highly recognized on the team placing them on the bench.  Benched players reduce the scoring ability for the team and reflect the need for you to adjust your wagers accordingly.

ncaab Injury Report
[WR] 06/04/2018 - Datrin Guyton is out indefinitely ( Suspension )
[WR] 06/21/2018 - Demetris Robertson has transferred ( None )
[OL] 05/22/2018 - Josh Ball is out indefinitely ( Suspension )
[LB] 06/19/2018 - Rayshawn Boyce is out indefinitely ( Suspension )
(!)[QB] 06/20/2018 - Josh Jackson is upgraded to probable Monday vs Florida State ( Suspension Served )
(!)[QB] 06/14/2018 - Kendall Hinton 3-game suspension (eligible to return 9/22 vs Notre Dame) ( Suspension )
[TE] 06/14/2018 - Thomas Cole 3-game suspension (eligible to return 9/22 vs Notre Dame) ( Suspension )

How Injuries Affect College Basketball Lines

An injured player will affect the ability for other players to score, especially if the player who is injured is one of the key athletes on the team.  You may find it to be pretty obvious that point totals will be impacted when a critical player is injured on the team but what about the impact that minor injuries will have?  Even a sore toe or a tender knee can impact the ability for the player to score and play the way that he normally would.  These injuries impact the betting lines and should alert you to change your wagering to meet the perceived changes.

Over under totals are often impaired if a defensive player is injured.  If you don’t stay on top of the injuries that are occurring, you’ll have no way to know to adjust your bets and you could lose out.  Likewise, if an offensive player is injured, the total points over could be pulled down significantly again requiring you to adjust your bets to reflect the changes in stamina and structure of the team.

Additional Information

Lines provides you with even the smallest details and happenings that are taking place throughout the college basketball season so that you can make informed picks that win.  Here you can also find detailed information on various other aspects of the game such as the current standings and matchups, odds, statistics and the entire season schedule which tells you whether a game is being played at a home court or away.  Using even these seemingly minor details can help you to place winning bets all season long.

In depth injury reports from Lines paired with the matchups data and standings details can help you make the most informed decisions on your favorite college basketball teams.  For successful picks all season long, Lines has got you covered!


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