NBA Teams

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NBA Teams

Lines provides you with the tools you need to place smarter bets. The NBA Team List is a powerful page that features comprehensive statistics, win/loss data, over/under totals and other metrics. By using the tools we provide, you can ensure that you make a more informed bet.


2019 Pro Basketball Team Report Sorted by Team
 Straight UPATSTotalsScoring
Team#GSUWin %ATSWin %UnitsO/U/POver %Under %PFPA
GOLDEN STATE8559-2669.4%37-47-144.05%-14.740-45-047.1%52.9%118.0111.3
LA CLIPPERS8549-3657.6%46-38-154.76%+4.247-37-056.0%44.0%115.1114.8
LA LAKERS8237-4545.1%34-46-242.50%-16.633-49-040.2%59.8%111.8113.5
NEW ORLEANS8233-4940.2%38-43-146.91%-9.344-37-054.3%45.7%115.4116.8
NEW YORK8217-6520.7%33-47-241.25%-18.736-45-044.4%55.6%104.6113.8
OKLAHOMA CITY8550-3558.8%43-42-050.59%-3.240-43-048.2%51.8%114.1111.0
SAN ANTONIO8550-3558.8%45-38-254.22%+3.245-40-052.9%47.1%111.5109.8
NBA Statistics
The comprehensive team list provides features statistics for all 30 NBA teams' performance against straight up bets, in bets against the spread, for totals bets, as well as points averages for the team and against the team. These statistics are updated regularly as the season progresses and gives bettors an insight to the team's historical averages with regards to past bets. Having this base of knowledge is key to finding smarter plays and trends when betting on NBA games.
NBA Win/Loss Data
Win-loss statistics are some of the most important stats that bettors can utilize when making their picks. This data shows how well the team has fared in straight up bets or in bets that were against the spread. For instance, you can use Lines NBA team list to determine that the Heat have a win percent of 80 percent in straight up bets and a 56 percent win rate against the spread. Now that you know this, you can use this data to decide if you want to place the more secure straight up bet (at a historical winning rate of 80 percent) or if you want to bet on the spread at a lower though still positive rate.
Over/Under Totals 
If you prefer placing over/under bets, also has you covered. The beneficial stats provided here include over and under bet percentages as well as points totals for each team and against them. The over/under percentages represents what percent of points totals bets to date (for a single season) each NBA team has gone over or under. When considering over/under bets, you can also use the points for and against to determine how you feel about the matchup and use the over and under percentages for each NBA team to further inform your bet.
Additional Information 
Lines is the most comprehensive online one-stop-shop for NBA betting and betting statistics. We make your picks easier and more comprehensive than ever before. Our NBA team list and statistics page, combined with our separate offensive and defensive statistics pages, trends, match-ups, and injuries all help you make better, more successful bets.


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