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NBA Offensive Statistics

Lines offers an advantage for customers who want to make selections in regular season games and playoff series. Points and point differentials are measures of scoring power which have been evaluated and recorded over an entire season of competition. When comparing teams in a playoff series, regular season offense statistics are a good way to rate team scoring ability. The information is arranged in categories which show the team's playing style and effectiveness. Scoring statistics from head to head competition is another tool available on the Line to help compare teams. statisticians have generated the main components of offensive stats to display that will have the most impact on your wagering. 

2020 Pro Basketball Offensive Statistics Report Sorted by Team
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 Shooting3PT ShootingFree ThrowsReboundsOther Statistics
GOLDEN STATE106.338.643.8%10.433.4%18.780.3%50.69.925.620.
LA CLIPPERS116.241.646.4%12.236.6%20.879.2%56.511.023.822.
LA LAKERS114.342.948.5%11.235.5%17.373.0%54.410.625.920.68.614.56.8
NEW ORLEANS116.242.646.2%14.037.2%16.972.9%56.511.327.021.07.615.75.1
NEW YORK105.840.044.8%9.633.7%16.369.4%
OKLAHOMA CITY110.840.347.3%10.435.4%19.879.7%
SAN ANTONIO113.242.047.0%10.737.1%18.480.9%51.38.824.519.
NBA Shooting Statistics

In the NBA regular season and even more in the playoffs, many teams rise or fall on 3-Point shooting. Lines provides NBA offensive stats. It has a complete breakdown of overall shooting and the all important 3-point shooting percentages. Free throw shooting is an important factor, often the difference between winning and losing. It has two parts of special interest to the user who is preparing to select likely winners: the numbers of chances, and the percentage of made free throws. The number of chances is important because it shows that the team is able to generate offensive production by getting free throw opportunities. The percentage of made free throws shows how efficient the team is at converting scoring opportunities when forcing the opponent to commit fouls. In close playoff games, getting to the foul line is a key ingredient for success and a long playoff run

NBA offensive Contributions

Scoring is a big part of NBA offenses but there are other ways to contribute: assists, rebounds, and offensive rebounds. Lines has each of these available for users as they rate and compare teams to select winners. Assists statistics reflect the level and style of team play. Most successful teams have shown an ability to score in a variety of ways. Rebounds are another way in which teams can control tempo and start their offenses. Offensive rebounds play another important role- the second chance to score after a missed shot. They extend possessions and increase scoring opportunities.

Additional Information

Using statistics and details from Lines is an important first step when making selections of likely winners in regular season games or playoff series. We provide regular season offense and playoff statistics. They are arranged to show the important phases of NBA team scoring including shooting percentages, 3-point shooting percentages, and free throws. It also shows details about assists and rebounds.

When combined with statistics from head to head competition, the picture is complete. Our customers are well prepared to select the teams they think have the best chance in individual games and playoff series. Lines brings together the information and details that our customers need to rate and compare teams. It gives them an advantage when making the selections they think are most likely to win.


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