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The NBA defensive stats give you an analytical tool for each team’s defense in the NBA. In a game controlled by a 30 second shot clock, defense affects the number and quality of the opponents scoring opportunities. Defense is a very important aspect in wagering because it determines number of points allowed to be scored. This detrimentally affects the over under in wagering, favoring the under in a team with above average defensive stats. Among the elite skilled athletes in the NBA are some who have an ability to score despite every effort on defense. But even in those situations, the defensive effort must be overcome by a greater effort from the offense. The extra effort over time will wear an opponent down, reduce opportunities, and contain scoring.

Defense is critical. Even a quick glance at successful teams will show they are almost always among the leaders in low field goal percentages, among the leaders in making the opponent miss shots.

2020 Pro Basketball Defensive Statistics Report Sorted by Team
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 Shooting3PT ShootingFree ThrowsReboundsOther Statistics
GOLDEN STATE115.042.247.6%13.538.9%17.178.3%54.610.
LA CLIPPERS109.739.443.6%12.034.1%18.976.2%53.810.823.622.87.913.74.9
LA LAKERS106.939.044.4%11.334.2%17.777.4%51.69.723.
NEW ORLEANS117.042.946.5%12.135.5%19.178.2%
NEW YORK112.339.946.3%13.338.1%19.274.9%53.09.524.319.
OKLAHOMA CITY108.341.145.7%11.434.5%14.879.5%51.810.423.122.86.713.34.1
SAN ANTONIO114.942.246.9%13.137.6%17.477.0%53.49.425.719.76.712.54.4
Defensive Statistics Importance 

The defensive statistics offered by Lines include: rebounds, steals, blocked shots, and turnovers. Each is measured for an evaluation on how a team will hedge against an opponent and avoid giving up more points. When you look at teams which have the best records, there is usually a correlation with the same teams among those with lower allowed field goal percentages. The two things go hand in hand. If one scores a great number of points but gives up a greater number, the record will tend to be poor.

Defense is the part of the game that converts team scoring ability into wins. Teams can show strength in defensive categories that also can make a difference in the number of wins. Steals are one such category. In effect, they take points off the scoreboard for the opponent and add to the opportunities for teams which are able to make more steals. Blocked shots are a similar defensive statistic. They also take points away from an opponent. A team with this strength will cause an opponent to shoot poorly in anticipation of defensive presence. Shot blockers change many more shot attempts than they actually touch.

Additional Information

When making picks for NBA games or playoff series, team defense is an important set of information. If scoring were seen as one side of the game, then scoring defense would be the other. Teams seek to dominate the games from both sides- the offense and defense.

When rating teams to pick winners, one must look at both sides of the game. Rebounding can reduce scoring opportunities for an opponent. Steals and offensive rebounds add to scoring chances for a team which is strong in those areas. They also disrupt the opponent's offensive flow and rhythm.

Defense can make up for failings in other areas such as lack of team speed, lack of overall height or physical strength. In some ways it can compensate for a lack of talent- for lack of the sometimes spectacular athletic talents we have seen and continue to see in the NBA. When making selections of winners in NBA games and NBA playoff series, defense is a key factor to consider.


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